About Justine McGrath

Justine McGrath is a Southern California-based writer with an interest in travel and proper grammar. In 2012, she graduated from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) with a B.A. in Communications. Following graduation, she worked at the La Jolla Playhouse, learning about event production and marketing. After her time spent scurrying around dimly lit theaters and creating compelling marketing emails, she was hired at a local marketing agency, PACIFIC.

She spent several years at PACIFIC — some of them as a copywriter, and others as the agency’s sole marketing employee. During her time at PACIFIC, she learned that anything is possible with a touch of talent, a dose of self-confidence, and lots of hard work. She also discovered the world of travel blogging. The agency represented numerous travel bloggers, a.k.a. people who were paid to travel the world.

She realized that if other people could leave behind their desk jobs in the pursuit of adventure, she could too. So, in 2016 she hit the road and spent nearly a year traveling through nine Asian countries. She’s been freelancing since she said “Au revoir” to America in 2016, even though she’s since returned to her roots in San Diego.

She now happily reside in Crown Point, one of San Diego’s many quirky beachfront neighborhoods, and writes for a range of clients including Tony Robbins, Teen Vogue, Expedia, Locale Magazine, and more.

For those looking to collaborate, Justine can be reached at justinejmcgrath@gmail.com.